Aerodrome Vinnitsa (Havryshivka) is located 7.5 km east of the railway station of Vinnytsia and 1 km southwest of the village of Gavryshivka. It is located in the center of Ukraine, and has convenient transportation (automobile and railway) for the transportation of passengers and cargo both in Ukraine and abroad.

The aerodrome was founded in the early 50’s. For more than half a century he works in the transport system of Ukraine.

Flight field of rectangular shape measuring 3994 x 566 m.
The aerodrome is suitable for operation of airplanes all year round without restrictions, round-the-clock.
The artificial runway has the dimensions: length – 2 500 m, width – 42 m, width with an extension – 67 m.
Airfield class B (4D), type of cover – reinforced concrete.
Provides take-off, landing and control of aircraft such as A320, B737, Tu-154, Yak-42, SAAB-340 and others.

The aerodrome has a world-wide signaling system, indicating the possibility of receiving and discharging airplanes at night.

KP “Airport Vinnitsa” has an air terminal complex with high throughput, with the possibility of simultaneously staying in the terminal’s drive up to 186 people. The airport has a luggage compartment equipped with a conveyor belt, a checkpoint is provided through the state border of Ukraine, and the required personnel are certified according to the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). At the airport there are enough free parking places with asphalt concrete covering for the airline’s base.

Airport Vinnitsa is able to provide the following services:

  • aviation security service;
  • take off / landing;
  • fueling;
  • ground handling of aircraft;
  • passenger service;
  • fire protection;
  • emergency rescue;
  • car park;
  • meteorological support.

Air terminal

Today, in the premises of the airport terminal there is everything for the convenience and comfort of our passengers. In the spacious and comfortable lobby of the airport there is an opportunity to pack luggage, to drink a cup of coffee, to watch a movie about Vinnitsa. The waiting room is equipped with a TV, comfortable armchairs, a coffee machine and a DutyFree store. There is a specially designated smoking area and children’s corner.