General rules

All the baggage that you carry, including hand baggage, must be presented to the airline staff when checking in for the flight. This requirement is related to the safety of the flight. Baggage, accepted by the airline for transportation under its responsibility for its preservation, is marked with a baggage bag and is called registered. On the luggage tag it is recommended to indicate your last name, address, phone number.

The rules for baggage transportation are set by airlines. For this information, please contact your airline representative.

In addition to the airline’s established free baggage allowance, you can freely transfer the following items if they are in the hands of the passenger and are not enclosed in luggage (hand baggage): a diplomat, a plastic bag, a bouquet of flowers, a handbag or a folder for papers, printed publications for reading in flight, camera or camcorder, portable computer, Duty-free shopping bag, umbrella or cane, coat or raincoat, baby food, baby stroller, folding wheelchair and / or crutch if such items are needed go to the passenger.

Valuable and business papers, passports and other documents, medicines, fragile items, jewelry are recommended to be carried in hand luggage.

For any baggage that exceeds the established rates for free baggage, the payment is made at the appropriate luggage rate.

The carrier may refuse to carry baggage:

  • things that may damage the aircraft, persons or their property on board an aircraft;
  • things whose transportation is prohibited by laws, rules and regulations of the state authorities of any country to the territory, from the territory or through the territory of which transportation is carried out;
  • things that by their weight, size or other characteristics can not be transported as baggage;
  • animals, except for dogs, cats and other indoor animals, which are accepted for carriage with the prior consent of the carrier and under certain conditions by the passengers in accordance with the rules of such carriage.

For additional information, you can go to the official site – the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine