Ticket registration and delivery of luggage on domestic and international flights at the airport “Vinnitsa” takes place in the public area on the ground floor of the terminal. The numbers of the racks, which are registered for your flight, are indicated on the information board.

Registration for most international flights starts at 3 hours and ends 40 minutes before departure.
Registration for domestic flights begins at 2 hours and ends 30 minutes before departure.
Please note that check-in for some flights may end one hour before departure. Detailed information about the exact start and end time of registration can be specified in the airline that is flying.
Airline Contacts
At the check-in desk you will be given a boarding pass indicating the place on the plane and will check the size and weight of your hand luggage for compliance with the standards established by the airline.

Online check-in
After completing the online registration on the airline’s website, you can choose a place and print a boarding pass before arriving at the airport.
In case you can not print your boarding pass by yourself, this can be done at the airport at the reception desk.
If you have been on-line check-in flight, printed a boarding pass before

Arriving at the airport and traveling only with hand luggage, after entering the terminal you can go straight to the passage of control bypassing the check-in counter.

Please note that on October 1, 2017, the UIA will start charging an equivalent of EUR 10 for providing a boarding pass at the airport check-in desk for passengers departing from domestic and international regular flights from Vinnytsia airport. In order not to pay this fee, you must register online at the UIA website and print out the boarding pass submitted by the system or save it on a mobile device.