Items (goods), the import of which in Ukraine requires authorization to import the relevant authorities:


dogs – a veterinary certificate, as well as an international cynological certificate (passport) issued by the Kennel Union of Ukraine or its departments;

live animals – veterinary certificate of the State Committee of Ukraine for Standardization, Metrology and Certification.

Subjects (goods) that are subject to veterinary, environmental, sanitary or phytosanitary control, are omitted after the control by the relevant services.

Veterinary control at the border

Obligatory state veterinary control is subject to: import / export transportations of animals and birds of all kinds, products and raw materials of animal origin, fish, bees, silkworm, feed, feed additives, biopreparats, veterinary drugs, strains of microbes, viruses and fungi, toxins etc.

These goods are accompanied by veterinary documents of the established sample (for export – veterinary certificates issued by the state medical institutions from the place of departure of the cargo, and for import – veterinary certificates issued by the veterinary authorities of the exporting countries).

When exporting controlled veterinary medicine services to other countries, veterinary certificates are exchanged for veterinary certificates at the border checkpoints of the state veterinary control.

When importing goods under the control of the veterinary medicine service to Ukraine, at the border posts of the state veterinary control veterinary certificates are exchanged for veterinary certificates after the study of cargoes in the State Veterinary Laboratory.

State veterinary supervision and registration of documents for import, export and transit of controlled goods is a paid service in accordance with the current tariffs.

In import-export transportation, owners of controlled cargoes and veterinary services should find out and take into account the occasional situation of importing and exporting countries.