Ground handling of aircraft

The municipal enterprise “Airport Vinnitsa” renders the following services on ground handling of aircraft:

  • reception / issue of the aircraft;
  • installation / cleaning of thrust pads;
  • installation / cleaning of the ladder to / from the SS. Equipment: Passenger trap type PTR 19, STP-22 trap;
  • opening / closing of doors and hatches;
  • ensuring connection of the source of ground power supply to the AC. Equipment: APA-5D – 40 KVA; GPU D-4017 / BV-AH – 90 KVA;
  • removal of snow-ice deposits on the substation / prevention of icing. Equipment: TM-1800 Truck Mounted Deicer / Washer, liquid type I, concentration 50% / 50%;
  • ensuring the launch of PS engines.

Equipment – air launch unit ТМАС-150;

  • provision of communication with the cabin of the crew;
  • maintenance of toilets of the substation. The equipment is a wagon toilet service, a model of ATS – 3070;
  • refueling substation with drinking water. The equipment is a water carer, model ABC – 1050;
  • loading / unloading baggage. The equipment is a conveyor belt, type APK 5500.