Statement of

policy on air safety

at the “Airport Vinnytsia”.


Air safety  is one of the main function and the highest priority at the “Airport Vinnytsia”.

The administration and staff of the airport  provides the necessary resources for the development, implementation and regular improvement of the strategy and methods for the development of the company,  achieving  a high level of  safety flights and keeping the requirements of the Ukrainian aviation rules and International standards during flight operations.

The director of the “Airport Vinnytsia”, his deputies, managers and all employees are responsible  for achieving a high level of flight safety. The staff of the airport undertakes:

to manage flight safety by allocating the necessary resources, promote the developing of a security culture and encourage the implementation of safe practices and procedures;

to ensure timely providing of information, reports, analyzes, obligatory emergency information  in according to the requirements of the guidance documents;

to facilitate the effective exchange of air safety information and inform each official who is involved in the proceeding;

to attach the same value to the results of flight safety management as the results of the other management systems of the organization;

to define  the air of responsibilities and duties for the effective operation of the safety management system for all staff of the company;

to develop and apply processes for identifying hazardous factors and risk management, including a system for notifying about dangerous factors, in order to eliminate or reduce the risk of  flights;

to ensure that no sanctions are imposed against any employee reporting a safety problem through the alert system, unless such notification clearly indicates unlawful acts, negligence, intentional or malicious breach of rules or procedures;

to keep the regulatory  requirements and standards;

to ensure the availability of highly skilled and experienced staff for implementation of the strategy of flight safety processes;

guarantee that all employees are provided with adequate information and appropriate training courses to be competent in matters relating to flight safety, they should be entrusted with the tasks that are relevant to their qualification;

to determine and evaluate the effectiveness of security of flights in comparison with the actual characteristics of flight safety and the aims of flight safety;

to improve the effectiveness of ensuring flight safety through management processes that ensure the using of appropriate and effective safety measures;

to guarantee the compliance of services provided from external sources for ensuring the company’s operations safety standards adopted at the “Airport of Vinnytsia”.