Water Tower

Visiting card of Vinnytsia – 106-year-old tower on the European square, it was built in 1911 for the first urban water supply system, as the water tower in Vinnitsa. Surprisingly, the building still looks almost the same as before. Today the Vinnytsia Tower is no longer just a former water tower. This is part of the city’s culture. The Tower is part of the museum’s exposition of the Revolutionary and Military Glory Memorial. It is also a Memorial to the memory of the Vinnytsia soldiers who died during the Afghan War.

Timetable of the Vinnytsia Tower:
– works every day, except Monday;
– The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00
✓ Ticket price: for adults – 10 UAH, for children and students – 5 UAH.
✓ Excursions: for adults – 50 UAH. for children and students – 20 hryvnas.
✓ Photograph – 20 UAH. Video shooting – 30 UAH.

We recommend tourists take a look at the cathedral and the church in the city center. These buildings reach their roots in the XVII century. You can stroll through the old Jewish streets, touch the ancient walls, look into the house of General Brusilov, go to the ancient wooden church of St. Nicholas.

National Museum-Estate MI Pirogov

National Museum-Estate MI Pirogov is open on the territory of the estate of Vyshne, where the outstanding surgeon, anatomists, scientist and teacher Nikolai Pirogov, who is considered the founder of military field surgery, as well as the Society of the Red Cross, lived and worked for the last 20 years.

Regional Museum of Local Lore

The museum is located on the territory of the former Jesuit monastery – the present historical and architectural complex “Muri”. If you have never seen a skeleton of a mammoth, then you will be able to look at it. The museum has been renovated with unique items from the Scythian and Sarmatian periods, a large collection of numismatic weapons, and also an ethnographic collection: pottery, weaving and embroidery, folk art. The fund of the Vinnytsia regional museum of local lore contains more than 200 thousand exhibits.

Ticket price:
– for children and students – 10 UAH;
– for adults – 20 UAH.
Excursion service in Vinnitsa museum:
– for adults – 100 UAH;
– for children and students – 50 UAH.
Permission to take pictures in the museum – 20 UAH.
Permission for video shooting in the museum – 30 UAH.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral

The Transfiguration Cathedral was built in the XVIIIth as the church of the Dominican Monastery. In 1832 the complex was transferred to the possession of the Orthodox clergy: the monastery was canceled, and the temple was rebuilt under the Orthodox cathedral. Before 1991 he functioned as an organ of organ music. Is currently in

leading the Moscow Patriarchate.

Address of the cathedral: street. Cathedral, 23

Unusual sculptures and monuments

Monuments are different. Interesting and boring, with history and just fashionable. Vinnytsia shows its tourists not only classic sculptures, but somewhat unusual.

Central City Park

Central park them Gorky is a favorite place for rest and walks of Vinnytsia. Also, traditional festivals, sports events, entertainment and fun are often held there.

Vinnitsa public transport will make your walks to the city unforgettable. Vinnitsa tram surprises guests of the city not only with its beauty, convenience and free Wi-Fi. The project “Historical stop” is, in fact, a tour of the city by tram. Tourists who go on route №4 (Railway station – Barskoe shosse), have a chance to hear a lot of interesting and little-known facts about Vinnytsya. By the spring they promise that on other routes it will be possible to hear interesting things from the Vinnytsia history.

Palace of Countess Shcherbatova

The Palace of Countess Shcherbatova, located in the city center of Nemirov, is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the Vinnytsia region.
He does not tire to conquer the hearts of the guests of the city with its neoclassical style, a park facade, along which there are picturesque terraces for walks. The spirit of the castle is guarded by unyielding sculptures of lions standing at the central entrance.

Hitler Werwolf’s rate

Not far from the city is one of the most mysterious objects of our time – “Werwolf”. Admiral Hitler chooses to land in the Vinnytsia region in order to build his own stake here. Now there is an open-air museum. Guests of the city can immerse themselves in the history of past events. Despite the fact that now the former rate of Hitler Werwolf is almost ruined – the complex is one of the most mysterious buildings in the central region of Ukraine. It is still arranged by expeditions.